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We have summarised actions taken during the first edition with our participants and their parents during the evaluation meeting.

On Monday, we have held a meeting about asperIT Wrocław I. You shared your expressions and opinions about this special time with us. We talked about your motivations for taking part in this project and how it changed your lives. You also shared your needs, which you have discovered during the course. Together we developed a strategy for the future because, as we promised, the end of the edition doesn’t mean the end of our shared project adventure! Your crucial remarks will allow us to refine the project for upcoming editions and partakers of asperIT!

It was a very touching afternoon for our team. We found out how crucial it was for you to take part in this enterprise and how valuable changes it brought to your lives. It makes us believe in our work even stronger than before, and it gives us a massive energy boost. But it wouldn’t be possible if not your openness, commitment, and determination. All of you put a lot of heart, energy and work to this endeavor. Thanks to you it’s our common success and we can proudly say that we are a great and excellent project family! We are truly grateful for your engagement!

Results achieved during this edition wouldn’t be possible without help from our partners, friends, and cooperatives of the first edition: Umbrella Foundation, Center Sector 3, company, Quality of Computer Systems Association, Lower Silesia Association for Autism, IT Matters, and thanks to our grant giver National Institute of Freedom – Center of Developing Citizen Society.

We keep moving! The next edition of asperIT in Wrocław is right ahead!

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