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As we promised, the beginning of the year was very valuable for us. Within the partnership with IT Matters, we were invited to take part in Wrocław conference IT Matters MeetUP vol.2 on the 25th of February. Our lecturers spoke a lot about project asperIT.

The goal of our appearance was to show our current successes. In other words, we highlighted the benefits of hiring neurodivergent people to work in IT. Similarly, we emphasized the need of understanding the specificity of AS workers to business representatives and the importance of education in this matter. Therefore, the example of our accomplishments was a genuine inspiration to discuss the positive aspects of diverse teams. 

The second issue of the conference was designing and building a project team. Zbyszek Moćkun from Cognifide instructed us on how to support potential in diverse teams.

We would like to sincerely thank IT Matters for this opportunity. In addition, we will surely inform you about upcoming events!

In the end we invite you to check out a full photo report from the event on Facebook.

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